Potent Farms


Established in 2018 after overcoming an extensive mediation with the city of Forest Grove we are proud to offer Oregon a team of expert cultivation specialist in the state's largest indoor growing facility.

Our high-tech infrastructure and production processes allow Potent Farms to more efficiently produce cannabis on a large scale, passing cost savings to our customers. We believe that providing a large variety of products with consistent quality controls will give greater access to Oregonians seeking premium Cannabis.

Danny Todd


Danny is our lead cultivator. Danny runs a large team of experienced cultivation assistants, plant health specialists, Integrated Pest Management specialists, and trimmers. Danny has been studying horticulture since he was a young kid. He spent a year in Israel on a kibbutz learning how to organically farm and cultivate all types of fruits, plants, and vegetables.

Danny has a deep understanding for the full life of a plant on a microbiological level. Danny moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago and began cultivating indoor marijuana. He has been referred to as the mad scientist by some of the dispensaries we work with.

Potent Farms, Oregon


At Potent Farms, we have a large state of the art facility where we are harvesting different strains every week. High-quality trim, manicured premium buds, and vibrant healthy clones are our specialty. We ensure our customers access to a variety of the highest quality cannabis. All of our products are sustainably grown in Oregon by passionate farmers with a deep appreciation and understanding of their craft.


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